Moving into a new house can be exciting but it can be hard to bring your personality with you. There’s just something about walking into a house that feels like home and really showcases the homeowner. We wrote out some tips and tricks to get more comfortable and turn your house into a home.

Show off your memories

Frame those pictures you have of family, friends and all of your adventures and hang them up for everyone to see. Creating a cool design or display of pictures can really make a difference in the overall feel of the house.

Think about your storage

Invest in storage that is aesthetically pleasing so it can add another layer of design to your home. A wood console, open bookcase or handmade baskets all enhances the feeling of your home. They also give you an opportunity to display treasured, personal items.

Utilize wall space

Adding shelves and wall storage not only increases the homeyness of your place but it increases the functionality of your space especially if you are lacking floor space.

Flowers and plants

A beautiful vase of flowers brings life into your interior and signifies that you’re proud of where you live. In rooms of your home that lack personality, arranging flowers will instantly lift your space. If fresh cut flowers are not an option, opt for a few indoor plants that only need to be watered once a week.

If you need help updating your home or with anything else let us know!