The tendency to always feel like you have to be moving around and doing something in order to be productive is normal. However, sometimes we forget to take a step back, relax and have some time to ourselves to just do nothing. Although we may not see the negative effects until years down the road, a balance of activity and rest is crucial to a healthy life.  We know there are millions of ways to relax and that everyone is different but we listed out the five things we do everyday at QuikFix HQ to slow life down and relax. 

  1. Meditate – practice controlling your breath to redirect your thoughts and increase awareness of yourself and surroundings. Many people say this is the best way to reduce stress.
  2. Read – take a step out of your own world and enter the reality of one of your favorite fictional characters. Or dive into some educational work. Either way reading helps to put the world and your everyday life into perspective.
  3. Take a walk – get out into nature and get a breath of fresh air
  4. Listen to music – sit back, relax and jam out to some of your favorite music with no worries in the world.
  5. Take a bubble bath – fill up the tub, add some bubbles, grab your rubber ducky and dive into to relaxation.

However you choose to relax, make sure you start incorporating it into your daily life. If you feel like you still need to get stuff done while you relax, let us know – that’s what we’re here for! You can schedule a job here