Moving is stressful as it is. Don’t make it any worse by not knowing where something is on your big day! Below is our list of 7 moving day essentials to help make your move as smooth as possible.

Cleaning supplies – you never know if your new fan will need to be dusted or if you’ll need to clean the kitchen counter.

Clothing hangers – nothing is worse than unpacking all of your clothes and then not having anything to hang them on. Make sure to keep your hangers in sight at all times.

Batteries – you will need these within the first few days without a doubt. Whether it is the TV, stereo or smoke detector that won’t stop beeping, you’ll be happy you know where your batteries are.

Toolkit – just in case something small needs to be put back together.

Toilet paper – you’re moving into a house not a hotel so if you need to go to bathroom you’ll have to be able to help yourself out.

Chargers – don’t forget the charger to your laptops, phones and other smart devices!

Corkscrew – you’ll definitely want to pop open a nice bottle of vino after a long day moving in. We recommend keeping your corkscrew handy!

We hope this helps make your moving day a little easier! If you need help moving in one of our cities let us know here.