Graham Heifner is a rising senior at Rhodes College and has been an integral part of the growth of QuikFix throughout Memphis. Over the past year and a half graham has worked more than 500 hours on the QuikFix platform. Below is more of Graham’s story.

QuikFix: Where did you grow up?

Graham Heifner: I was born and raised in Birmingham, AL.

QF: Why did you choose to attend Rhodes?

GH: I knew I wanted a smaller school that was still close to a major city, Memphis was far enough away but not too far from home, and I visited my senior year of high school and really liked the campus.

QF: What drew you too QuikFix?

GH: I really liked the idea of a flexible work schedule and setting my own hours, and the idea of doing something different everyday and not being a repetitive job was nice too.

QF: What is the most rewarding part about working for QuikFix?

GH: There are a lot of jobs that are posted by people who physically can’t do what the job requires, so without us the job wouldn’t get done. It’s always especially rewarding to work these jobs because you know that you are really making a difference in someone’s life.

QF: What values and attitudes do you try to live by?

GH: I’m a big believer that attitude determines the quality of day you have. There are things that happen that you can’t control, but if you face these problems with a good attitude, you will have a good day. If you face the day with a bad attitude, you will have a bad day. So I always try to decide early on that I am going to have a good day. I also value honesty and respect above anything else. I think it is important to be honest, especially if you try to build any kind of relationship with a person, and I think you need to treat everyone with at least basic respect, no matter what you think or feel about a person.

QF: What is your best QuikFix memory?

GH: For one of the jobs I worked we got to block off traffic on north parkway. I’ll always remember that because it was so out of the ordinary to walk a main road during a busy hour of the day and because it felt like we had total control over the flow of traffic.

QF: What do you plan to do after graduation?

GH: After graduation I will be moving back to Birmingham for work.