If you love the idea of spring cleaning but don’t know how you will find the time then let a student from QuikFix help.  The first thoughts of spring and the sense of accomplishment that comes from spring cleaning is exciting. Where did I put that favorite gardening hat?  When was the last time I wore this top? Whether you are finding forgotten treasures or freeing up space for new ones, a clean and organized home is beneficial to our overall well-being.

However, along with the excitement there are also doubts. Where do I begin?  How long will it take? If I can find the time, the idea of a nice brunch and afternoon nap can keep me from getting started.   Well, scheduling help from QuikFix can be the motivation to set the date, get it done, and minimize your time and effort.

Divide your task into those that only you can do and those that can be done by


For example:  In the kitchen you can . . .

      remove all out-dated and will never be used items (don’t skip the junk drawer).  Rule of thumb – if it hasn’t been used in a year, toss it or find it a new home.

QuikFix . . .

      deep clean appliances (don’t forget under fridge)

      clean inside cabinets (you can rearrange later) and outside cabinets and all woodwork


      Anything that you want to see shine in your kitchen

And don’t forget outside.

While you may want to choose and plant your flowers, QuikFix can  . . .

      weed and mulch landscape

      clean out gutters

      power wash porch/deck

      clean exterior lights/fixtures

      and almost any other job

Get excited about spring cleaning and feel the joy of tidy home. Find your motivation by knowing that it will be worth your time and effort with the help of QuikFix.