Our Story

QuikFix was started by three students from Rhodes College who were looking for a way to make extra money in their free time. Ben, Parker and Evan went door to door in September 2017 with flyers advertising their services. They started QuikFix as a side hustle expecting to be the only three people working the jobs but, with word of mouth and quality service, what was first a hobby soon turned into a business. The three students needed more help to be able to service the number of requests they were getting and started recruiting friends and peers to work. As more and more college students were wanting to work, Ben, Parker and Evan knew that they were onto something. They knew that people would always need help around their homes and offices and that they enjoyed hiring the younger generation. The three also knew that college students across the country were struggling to make money to help pay for student loans. So, today the three are working full time on the business and are currently expanding QuikFix throughout the Southeast.

Our Team

Ben Siegel

Ben Siegel


Ben is currently a senior at Rhodes College.  He played baseball his first 2 years at Rhodes before stopping to start QuikFix.

Parker Pell

Parker Pell


Parker is also a senior at Rhodes. He is the president of Entrepreneurship Club and has six dogs all named after Seinfeld characters.


Evan Deere


Evan recently moved to Nashville from Austin.  He graduated from Rhodes in 2016 and is a scratch golfer.

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