Our Vision

To create a meaningful connection between college students and their community. With the current student loan crisis we are experiencing, our goal is to help as many college students fund their education while building relationships and work experience. Through technology we’re able to make this happen while benefiting the lives of our customers as well.

The total amount of student loan debt held in the United States
Average amount of loan debt a college student has upon graduation
Percentage of college graduates with significant student loan debt

Our Story

We need money! That’s how it all started. It was a hot spring afternoon in Memphis and Parker and I were hanging out in our apartment. We had just got home from baseball practice and wanted to go out to eat. However, we both realized that we had no money and with class and baseball our schedules didn’t allow us to take a traditional part time job. We started realizing that we couldn’t be the only college students with this problem. So, we knew we had a workforce and now we just needed to figure out the best way to apply their skills in the community.

Eventually we decided that although college students couldn’t do any professional work, there was still a lot of work around people’s homes and offices that we could help with. So, we printed out 1,000 flyers and went door to door in midtown Memphis telling as many people as we could about our new service. The response was amazing. Homeowners were so willing to let local college students into their homes and they saw the same mutual benefits that we did. College students were able to earn money and homeowners were able to cross things off their to-do list.